Sunday, September 28, 2008


It was a day (mostly) of rest. Not by faithful intention, you understand, but by happenstance. After my oatmeal, I drove to the office at the Faculty of Economics, only to realize that I'd left my office keys in the cabinet above this computer. But, as readers will recall, the Julius Mall is but a short way from the office, so rather than waste the gas, I stopped there for a little shopping. A headset to allow Skype coversations came first, then paper towels, sausages, beans for soup, onions, garlic, and some Tide. (The latter not for soup.)

I returned home, hung out the now-clean load of wash, and made a sausage-bean soup. Not bad, but not one of my best. I need to find the spices on my next trip.

For those so equipped, I can be Skyped at my e-mail address.

The only real work done was that I spent awhile thinking and planning with respect to my Labor Management course. HBS has a wealth of cases and notes, mostly American-based, but Google has revealed that Romanian labor law is a current topic in the news here, so recent articles and issues will be available. Sensing that it will work out, I took a late afternoon nap, and foresee an early bed.

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