Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye, Romania (not "Goodbye Romanians")

It has been a beautiful drive. Shirl, Klaus and I are safely back in Fellbach. We left Cluj only the day before yesterday, and already our home in Romania seems a thousand miles away. Oh, yeah. It is a thousand miles away. But we’re still in Europe, some 3,500 miles from our American home, so are we really going to leave Europe and fly to New England, or are we just on another Fulbright adventure, and will Klaus be taking us back to our wonderful apartment in our adopted city to see our good Romanian friends as he has faithfully done for the past nine months?

Goodbye, Romania! But not “Goodbye, Romanians.” We will keep in touch. We have Yahoo mail, we have our University work connections, and we have our lives to share.

If you get to New Hampshire, please do not forget that our big old house in Campton has a guest room, and we love showing off our beautiful home state to visitors.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye, dear Klaus! I will miss your sweet, "Turn in 500 meters."

Will you continue the blog from New Hampshire or start a new one, "After my year in Romania"?


Monica said...

Not a coincidence to come across your blog.
It was truly a great joy to read it, considering that I graduated from UBB in 1993, Faculty of Economics, specialty(major) FInance and Accounting.
I moved from Oradea to USA 11 years ago. There were hard times to get courses in 1990 right after revolution, some of them being translated from English on the spot...
It was refreshing to hear that you had a great time and good experiences (sic! your computer was returned to you !!!). Honest people in Transylvania.


Duncan McDougall said...

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for your kind remarks. Oradea is a beautiful city.

I agree that your finding my blog and commenting is not a coincidence, as your comment has come just in time to ease my blues. (Homesick for Cluj!)