Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy is Better!

UPDATES: An important footnote has been added to yesterday's posting. Please read it. Also, a three-view diagram of an Antonov AN-2 has been added to "Bucharest," below.

It is fun being busy. I have long said, "Busy is Better." But boy, am I busy! Of course, I am gradually becoming one of that breed that I have labeled "World Guys." I wonder, are all world guys this busy?

As my readers know, I will be coming home for the holidays. It won't be all relaxation. Today I picked up three lectures to prepare during my time in the States. The Finnish Savonia University in Varkaus has confirmed my invitation to visit in January, and wants me to lecture on Global Business. That is among the subjects I have taught in the Plymouth State MBA Program, but I have been away from that topic for several years. So, while home over Christmas, I must plan a few days at Lamson Library.

Then there are my spring courses. I am not worried about Management Accounting at the Faculty of Economics, for I have been teaching that course at Plymouth ever since 1976, have kept up with the field, and have as a teaching team member Prof. Alexandra Mutiu, who is going to be great to work with. But, in the Faculty of European Studies, I will be taking on a course in The American Economy. That is a new subject for me, and I have to learn a lot in its preparation. I am counting on my colleague Trent Boggess to help, for Trent, an economist, teaches a related course at Plymouth State.

Oh, yes, then there is Christmas. My wife Shirley wants a new bedroom set. Shirl is right about our needing a new bedroom set. The one we have was bought (cheaply) at Sears in 1975, and it is ready to retire to a guest room. If we are going to spend our agreed-upon 35 more years together, we ought to invest in a solid set of bedroom furniture. Our present set can go upstairs to one of the four kids' rooms (that are gradually becoming guest rooms as our kids move out).

Phil Desmond, Plymouth MBA and owner of Brown Furniture, are you reading this? If so, the McDougalls are going to need a good solid bedroom set. We are not into high style, but we are ready for high quality. We'll be over before long to see what you recommend.

So, what do my readers have to do for the next few weeks? Let me guess: you are all busy as all get out. Be thankful. Busy is better.

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Rather Dashing said...

I am, thankfully, not as busy as in years past. I only have ONE job...and they give me...days off! Crazy.

Too bad you have a lot of work to do over Christmas. I hope we get plenty of time to admire the woodshed.