Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to Bucureşti

If the Romanian Fulbright Commission has one key strength, it is their ability to weld the American Fulbrighters into a caring community of new friends. Mihai and Corina and Mihaela and Anca and Loredana and all the rest of the staff have kept us in the loop all fall, and have made sure we have been invited to events in our cities, and events in others' cities, as well.

Saturday night, at the Commission's expense, we all are gathering in Bucharest for a Holiday party, where we will join to celebrate Romania's unification, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chaunnakah, Eid al-Adha, New Years Day, and probably more. This weekend was chosen because it is likely the last one for which we will all still be "in country," for soon some of us will be going home to the States for our holiday vacations.

So, at 10:03 tonight I will again board the CFR's overnight train to Bucharest, and spend my weekly (for so it seems, lately) night being clicked and clacked to sleep. You know, it really isn't a bad way to travel.

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Rather Dashing said...

I prefer train travel to just about any other style. I'm almost more excited for the train ride to DC in a few weeks than I am for Obama's Inauguration. Almost.