Saturday, March 7, 2009

Piper's and Women's Day

Today is daughter Piper McDougall's birthday, so let me begin by wishing her a happy day, and a beautiful spring in Aspen.

It is Women's Week in Romania and tomorrow is 8 March, Women's Day. We men are recognizing our better halves with daily gifts, and showing appreciation for their loving attentions to our needy selves all year long. So, today I bought Shirl a new frying pan... a really nice one that should heat more evenly than the cheap thin aluminum one that came with the cookware set I bought at Auchan last September. I wonder how I'll get this one home.

I am today on Shirl's Macbook, and it is having I/O delay problems, so it has taken me fifteen minutes to write this short post. More will follow once I am on my beloved HP.

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Dr. Zach said...


I finally got around to checking your blog. I will have to read the entire history of your adventure in Romania.

I am glad Shirley was able to join you, as I recall the trip my wife, Alice, and I took to Athens, Greece.

I enjoyed our conversations in Kansas City very much and I look forward to talking with you in June. I will keep up with your blog and my address is

Larry Zachrich