Friday, March 20, 2009

Three-Day Sojourn Southwest

This week saw a few months work reach a successful climax. I am not yet at liberty to describe the project, but soon I will fill you in. Some readers may even benefit personally!

The project has entailed much extra work for a goodly number of committed folks. As one of those, I end the week physically tired and emotionally exhausted. As a result, Shirl and I this afternoon escaped in Klaus to a Pensiune in Sibiu. We have just had a huge dinner with friend Charles at a Saxon-Romanian restaurant, and are tomorrow turning westward toward Timisoara. From there our course is yet uncertain, but we needn't return to Cluj until Tuesday about noon, if we so choose. So into the uncharted (by us, at least) southwestern sector of Romania we go. We may even cross into Bulgaria for awhile, or dip our toes into the Danube River. Whatever we do, as spring is now here, and the days are pleasant and warming, we will come home to the apartment well aired out, and mentally refreshed, God willing.


Rather Dashing said...

Have fun you two! Take plenty of photos for your faithful readers.

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to see you again, Duncan. I was also a treat to meet Shirley. I now know the 'true' better half! ;o) Thank you for the peanut butter. Charles