Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photos by Jesse of our Trip to Sibiu, Pensiune in Raşinari, and ride to Paltiniş

My four beloved visitors are safely home now in Colorado, Vermont and New Hampshire. While in Romania, they took hundreds of photos, so this is but a sampling. To follow the trail chronologically, please start at the bottom of this post, which covers May 14, 15 and 16, prior to my returning for FSEGA Englishline's graduation (see prior post).

Alex's new friends at Paltiniş





With Charles and his colleague at the East-West Conference at Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu.

Architetural Details of Phoenix Pensiune, Raşinari

Old Sibiu

Klaus' cousin

Transilvanian Delivery Service Workers

Natural bridge on hillside in Colţeşti

Conacul Secuiesc, in Colţeşti. (Recommended highly. I have now taken seven guests there in five visits.)

Limmers at Cheile Turzii.

Cheile Turzii comes into view.
(The Turda Gorge)

Full Klaus

As we left for Sibiu on Thursday, we made a stop at Motoland in Cluj where we found a fine- looking 1995 BMW R1100GS in Red. I am tempted.

Alex, Cally, Melinda, Duncan, Roxy and Piper met for dinner Wednesday night at Gente Pizzeria in Cluj. (Moni arrived later!)


SKM said...

Nice pics. Beautiful kids!

Anonymous said...

Dear Duncan
I was impressed about your very active live that you had been spending here in Romania these last months. These pictures make me to be even more proud about our country and its beauties. The choice of Sibiu as the european cultural capital proved to be the best one.
I admired your family, I respect you as a great professor and I strongly believe as a great father. With my little girl now, I realize how many challenges are to grow a baby and in the same time how happy someone can be when she first smiled, coo and vocalize.....the miracle of life

monica, antonia maria and george

take care wherever you will go and keep in touch. your presence here had been like a blessing for students and for us as your colleagues

Duncan McDougall said...

Dear Monica and family,

Thank you for the kind comments. I will miss you and all my Romanian friends after I leave Cluj, but am thrilled that you have started your own Pop-Silaghi brood. I know we shall meet again. Until that time, I look forward to being your colleague in the Joint MBA Program.


Gheorghe Cosmin said...

I am happy to be your colleague in the joint MBA and I would not hesitate to ask for your help in issues that surely appear in my first online teaching experience.

have a safe journey and see you soon

monica pop silaghi