Sunday, May 24, 2009

Paul Tomiţa Golf Club in May

Golf with Vasile was great fun today, though I did not shine on the front nine. Warmed up, fed, and relaxed, I shot a 50 on the back nine, with two consecutive pars as the only good holes of the day. The very challenging course is much improved from its November condition, though definitely in the European tradition. It reminds me of golf in Scotland. Beautiful views, nasty rough.

Shirl's coming back! (Yay!) I am hoping to drive to Sibiu on Wednesday evening and stay with Charles. Then I'll not have to drive at night (before dawn) to meet Shirl's plane in Bucharest.

At UBB, Prodeacon Mihaela Luţaş has invited me to return next Winterim to teach two compressed courses in January. That is going to be difficult to arrange, but it is something I will consider. At some point I must return to Cluj, as I have learned to love this city. I was walking from the Faculty of Letters lot this week looking at the colorful Renaissance Revival buildings, Eastern domes, and steeples of Piaţa Mihai Viteazul with feelings of my impending loss. But, on the other side, there is the view of Plymouth at night as one descends Ashland Hill on I-93, there is the beautiful PSU campus, there are the White Mountains, there is the Beebe River, there is Mad River Coffee Roasters, and there is home.

Have a good Memorial Day, America! God willing, I'll be manning the grill on the 4th of July!


Rather Dashing said...

I'll bring the (local, grass-fed, undrugged) meat!

Anonymous said...

Was taught by Paul TOmita to play golf and knew him well before he died as I served at the American Embassy in Bucharest. Email me at Woul love to discuss what is happenging with his golf course.