Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alexandru & Alexandra

MICAN Alexandru of Bistriţa has played a major role in this blog, as he was both my student and sometime tour-guide during my Fulbright Year. Prof. PhD. MUŢIU Alexandra of UBB-Cluj was one of his second-year professors at UBB, and was my teaching partner in the Englishline Management Accounting course at UBB last spring. This past week, the three of us had a chance to renew friendships here at Plymouth State University, where Alexandru is an MBA candidate and a graduate fellow, and where Alexandra came to meet with her PSU/UBB Joint-MBA Program colleagues, and to do research on our methods of teaching accounting, which I can honestly report to have long been a strong point of the Plymouth State business programs.

Yesterday, Shirl, both the Romanian Alexes, and I visited Cambridge and Boston, including a tour of the Harvard Business School. The "dear old halls" of alma mater are, I was pleased to see, as stately and well-kept as ever.

To my Romanian friends, I reiterate: we love it when you visit. Please come to New Hampshire and spend some time with us!

Craciun Fericit!

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