Monday, October 20, 2008

Campus Linkages in the Offing?

Our weekend-long economic conference was organized at the UBB end by Dr. Monica Ioana POP Silaghi, a colleague at ECON whose service responsibilites include the forging and maintenance of international academic linkages. As our meeting came to its close, Dr. Pop approached me about the possibility of formal cooperative efforts between UBB's Economics Faculty and Plymouth State University in the United States. Today, I wrote our PSU provost and Business Department chairman to open the discussions.

Apart from some reading for this week's classes and a bit of shopping, that letter is all I accomplished today. Mostly, I rested my arithritic right hip, which was aching from yesterday's walking. (Getting old ain't for sissies. Time to treat myself as well as I do my machines, and repair a broken part before the whole deteriorates.)

Oh, and a Happy 30th Birthday to our son Jesse Stewart McDougall, Web Editor for Chelsea Green Publishing in White River Junction, Vermont, U.S.A.

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