Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Retraction

For the past 18 hours this spot held a rant entitled "Communist Internet," in which your humble blogger related his recent frustrations in attempting to use the Internet from his office at UBB.

Today, your humble blogger has learned from George Chis, another of the System Engineers here at the Econ Faculty, how surfing is done at the office.

I now realize that only pornographic sites are truly blocked, and that most sites can be browsed for 60 minutes a day, after which an open link to them may be established by e-mailing their URLs to George or Vasile. Therefore, I have deleted the rant, and I apologize to the University for having published it, albeit briefly.

(Students who may read this, please take note. When in the wrong, accept responsibility, correct the problem, apologize, and move on.)

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