Monday, October 27, 2008

A Fine Footnote pentru Putna

Today the following remarks arrived in my e-mail from a distinguished colleague here at UBB. I shall allow the colleague to remain anonymous.

"PS. Stephen the Great was a great warrior (his sword, now in a Istambul (!!!!!!) museum, given by inscripted "Athleta Christi" - Athlet of Christ" feared by the Turks, Tatars & all sorts of non-believers, but everybody in these lands knows even after centuries that he was also "The womanizer of the epoch". He had at least as many children spread all across Moldavia, as the many churches he founded. When they decided to sanctify him, lots of protests, typical local story...I really enjoyed your Moldavian story!"

Kudos today to Carmen Tagsorean, for after about 3-1/2 hours' waiting in a hot crowded room of frustrated, angry citizens, we succeeded in paying RON 146 for 30 days' health insurance that I do not need. Now we can apply for a Permis de Sedere, so I won't be deported before my teaching year ends.

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