Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad night. Good day.

Last night I awoke twice with what felt like heartburn. My stomach felt extremely acidic, my chest was hurting a bit, and there was no Tums in the apartment. Suspecting a diabetic imbalance, I checked my sugar. It read 91 mg/dl. Close to ideal. I ate a piece of bread and peanut butter, and returned to bed. When next I awoke, I stood up and added to my symptoms were that I felt dizzy and woozy. I made my way unstably to the bathroom, and then drank a full glass of water, and took one enteric-coated aspirin, just in case. I went back to bed, noting that it was about 4 AM. I put two pillows under my legs, and removed the one under my head, said my prayers of thanks for the great life, wonderful wife and children, and spoke my confession of what a jerk I have been half my time on Earth, then fell asleep until morning. Arising after 8 AM, I checked my sugar again. 70. Too low, but no symptoms.

Probably I was reacting last night to something I ate yesterday. Could it be my delicious ciorba de varza? Shirl, is that sour stomach anything like you feel when you eat cooked cabbage? I hope that is not the problem, because I have learned to love that ciorba, which is very low in calories, and virtually fat free.

Today I worked a full day, but drank less coffee than usual, and made several extra climbs up the stairs at the faculty and at BOGDAN Lucian's 5th floor walk-up apartment, where I met his parents after our American Studies class. Those climbs all went fine, so I am no longer worried about my heart.

Shirl, Lucian is planning to visit Philadelphia in July, so I have offered to drive down to Wally's for golf that week, then bring Lucian home for a few days' holiday in NH. Least we can do to repay his setting up our WiFi network, right?

On the work front, thanks to Mihaela at UBB and Trent at PSU, new task forces are already beginning to implement our new joint project. We can feel the momentum building. Stay tuned!


SKM said...

Acidic stomach? Yes. Unbelievable pain from throat to stomach? Yes. Thought it would never stop? Yes. Felt like it could be a heart attack? Yes. Ever want to go through that again? Hell no!

Duncan McDougall said...

You have nailed the diagnosis for me. Thanks for the reassurance, my love!