Monday, April 6, 2009

Productivity Renewed!

Never underestimate the power...

After reading Shirl's response to yesterday's post, I arose today at 7:00, made breakfast, did my dishes, went to the Faculty, researched the "top 100 Romanian companies" and American companies doing business in Romania, put about twenty of those companies on a spreadsheet, sent it to both Romanian and American colleagues working with me on "the project," got from the 'net the e-mail address of Nicu, the man in Cluj who represents, a site that provides information on "The American Business Community in Romania," went home to retrieve my wallet, that I had left in another jacket, stopped by the local frizerie for a haircut, only to find it crowded (Easter haircuts? Tons of kids.), ate lunch of grilled ham and cheese at home, returned to meet with Prodeacon Mihaela at 2:00, presented my spreadsheet and marketing idea, suggested using marketing students to help us fill in the list and propose a strategy and an information campaign, got Mihaela's support, and with her an appointment to meet tomorrow with Professor Ioan, a fellow Fulbrigher and head of the marketing department at the Faculty, learned that Nicu is one of Mihaela's former students, got his phone number from Mihaela, called him and made an appointment to meet Wednesday at 5:00 to discuss both the "project" and my case research goals, and then called Horatius, the entrepreneur with whom I am already working on a case study, to set up our next interview on Thursday afternoon. After that, I drove home, got my hair cut (well) by an Hungarian-Romanian barber of about my age, stopped in at a travel agency to begin researching how to get Shirl here late in May, then both of us home again from Germany late in June, made a delicious ciorbe de varza, and blogged it all, so that I can now shower, play some guilt-free online poker, and sleep like a baby tonight.

The next time I am asked the key to productivity growth, or how to cure the economic crisis, or how to treat the blues, I will know the answer: a comment from Shirley on your blog.

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