Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend Number One

Easter Egg from Putna Monastery in Bucovina

Easter means more to most folk in Romania than it does to many in the USA, especially here in Transilvania. Not only is Christianity more generally embraced here, but also here the holiday lasts for two weeks. The Hungarian- culture population and the local Protestants celebrate Roman Catholic Easter, which falls on 12 April this year. The Romanian Orthodox church celebrates Easter a week later, and as the Orthodox Christians are in the majority here, the week following 19 April is our University's Spring Holiday.

In typically warm and kind-hearted Romanian fashion, my colleague Kinga, who last fall taught the Hungarian line 3rd-year students the Labor Management course in parallel with my Englishline section, has invited me to attend Easter service with her tomorrow morning. The service will be mainly in Hungarian, but I expect it to be close enough to the American Episcopalian service that I will be able to follow. Tomorrow afternoon I will report, and will provide pictures of the church, which is an old one atop a defensive earthenwork on the west side of Cluj. I cannot wait to see it from the nave.

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