Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to Colţeşti

Sunday. I could not face another day at this wonderful but eye-tiring laptop. I decided to see the territory southwest of Cluj, the territory we'd been in Friday, but so late that it was too dark to see much. I shunpiked. Deep mud in places. Kept Klaus rolling, though, and made it up the back way to the Viewpoint for the Chiele Turzii, which waitress Erszike at the little hotel in Colţeşti says they call "Turda Gorge" in English. (Smile if you must, but don't laugh, Americans.) It is a really beautiful natural rock formation. As my regular readers could already tell, I had lunch back at the small hotel in Colteşti (see yesterday's post). This time I made friends with both Erszike and the manager, Stefan, who owns a 125cc Simson motorcycle.

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