Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interim Report

Dr. Locaciu agreed that if my foot was already feeling much better, the cortisone might prove unnecessary. So today I stayed home to let my foot heal further, and made it a productive day by writing the required Interim Report on my Fulbright Year.

With the help of this Internet memory device called a Blog, I found the remembering and the writing quite easy. The difficulty came in gaining access to the CIES website's Senior Fulbright Reports page. It seems that my username is a five-digit serial number that was assigned me at the point of my being chosen for a grant. I searched for about 90 minutes through all the paperwork I have received from Washington and Bucharest, and could not find such a number. This morning I called Mihai at the Fulbright Commission in Bucharest, and asked him for my Serial Number. He begged off... that is something only Jean in Washington would know. Finally, at about 4:30 this afternoon, 9:30 EST, I telephoned Jean in Washington. Of course, the ever-efficient and supportive Jean McPeek gave me the missing number in about five seconds flat.

Mihai, when are you going to bring Jean to Romania? Did you know she has yet to come here? How about inviting her to Sibiu for our spring meeting?

Fortunately, Charles in Sibiu had shown me his Junior Fulbright Interim Report Form over the weekend, so I had been writing my report offline for much of the day, and happily, mine has now been submitted.

Just for the beauty of it, here is a picture of Cluj as seen from Hotel Belvedere, taken last November by Charles Harris. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

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SKM said...

Congrats on getting your report done. One more "to-do" off your list.