Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodbye Semester One

"O Frabjus Day!" to quote Lewis Carroll's Jabberwock. I have completed the grading of my two fall courses at UBB-Cluj.

It is about 11:00 AM Friday, so I hereby am declaring it "The Weekend." I did my final grading at home, here in the Apartment, so will now get showered and dressed, for I will be lunching with a new senior Fulbrighter, Kathy Obenchan of the University of Nevada - Reno, who has joined us in Cluj for the spring term. She is an old hand in Romania, as this is her fourth or fifth visit. I doubt that I can show her anything new about Cluj, but maybe Klaus can help her see the surrounding countryside.

Whoops, I forgot something. My very next task will be to log into the CIES website and see if there is a mid-term report form there, as one requirement of a Fulbright grant is to submit both mid-term and final reports of your research and/or teaching experiences. Then it will truly be "The Weekend."

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Anonymous said...

Duncan, I happy for you that you are finished. Being the "softy" that I am, I gave my students until today to turn in their missing assignments. Only one of them took advantage of this. Now comes the hard part--for me. Enjoy! Charles