Saturday, January 24, 2009

And The The Beat Goes On

Friday I gave my exams. You will recall that the students get to choose between two administrations of each. Five students showed up in Labor Management and three in Operations Management. The students all passed the exams.

One Fulbright-Finland lecture on Global Business is now in the can. Two are in progress. It will be a busy weekend of research and lecture-writing, because I fly out at 06:30 Monday for Budapest/Helsinki/Varkaus.

So, I am taking a noon break today to have lunch at McDonald's with a special student, Raluca Teodora of BistriĊ£a, whom I got to know well when we traveled with her friend Alexandru to Moldavia in October (see picture, taken by Alex as I was about to dissect a much- needed orange outside of the monastery at Suchevita). Dora needs to talk, and I need lunch. She has yet to take the exams, so I am unsure whether the talk will be academic or personal, but it will provide a welcome break.

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