Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Work and Family

Got an exam drafted today. TA Melinda took the GMAT today in Bucharest, and did well, based on the instant feedback that ETS provides when the exam is taken online. TA Monica has drafted her seminar-related portion of the Labor Management final. These two Teaching Assistants have been wonderful to work with this term.

Got some difficult news today, on the family front. My niece Maria (40) in Massachusetts has been diagnosed with MS. We are somewhat experienced with that disease, as my stepmother is a 30-year MS survivor, a very brave woman who has proven it can be done. Also, my wife Shirley's sister, Maria's mom, is a nurse practitioner, and the medical resources in Massachusetts are very good. So, we are hopeful that Maria's future problems can be minimized, and that she can live a long and happy life. But, I wish I were able to give her a hug of encouragement today.

Maria, if you happen to see today's blog post, Uncle Duncan wants you to know that he loves you. Hang in there, girl!

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