Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Fishing with Arto and Tuula Linnas

Arto Linnas at Home
Today I was privileged to spend a day at home with the Linnas family. After a good Finnish lunch featuring fish soup made of Made, a local lake fish, we bundled up and marched out onto the ice of the lake on whose shore their house lot sits. The fish traps and under-ice nets had to be checked, so we all accompanied Westies Willy and Poppi out to the fishing area, about .6 Km from home across the ice.

The nets and traps yielded some 15 fish, seven of them large enough to keep.

One was a Pike, who became the first course of our dinner, followed by wonderful moose steaks from Arto's frozen stock of meat from last fall's hunting.

I took a couple of shots to show that at mid-day, the sun was only a few degrees above the southern horizon, then a few more to show the beauty of the sunset, along about mid-afternoon.
Sun near its Zenith, and setting shortly thereafter

After fishing, Tuula "sat sauna" to warm up, while Arto cleaned the fish and I sat with him in the kitchen. When Tuula came back up to the house, Arto and I went to the wood-fired sauna building and scalded a bit as we drank the traditional beer-with-sauna, and talked of The Winter War, Finnish industry, and many other subjects. Arto then turned chef, and prepared a first-class dinner, at which we were joined by their 32 year-old engineer son and his engineer girlfriend. All in all, it was a fine day. Tomorrow, I head back to Romania!

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Jesse S. McDougall said...

Great post and photos! Your new friends sound wonderful. I'm skiing in Maine with Cally and Dave. Similar good times.