Monday, January 26, 2009

In Finland

I rose at 03:45 this morning, and decided to have a good breakfast before my three-flight, two-layover (Budapest for over 5 hours, Helsinki for 2.5) trip to Varkaus. On this journey I "logged time" in two new craft: a SAAB 2000 an ATR 42-500, both really nice twin-engined turboprops with six-bladed props. The latter is high-winged, like a Fokker Friendship (or a big Mitsubshi MU-2). The Saab is a long, sleek critter with great speed. The seven-hour drive to Budapest became a 40 minute trip. Both had impressive acceleration down the runway, a benefit of powerful engines driving an aggressive set of propellors through cold winter air, and both climbed out like the proverbial homesick angels.

Arriving after dark in Varkaus, I have yet to get pictures of Nordic scenes or Finnish folks for you. I'll try to do so as the week progresses.

Professor Tuula Linnas of Savonia University met me at the Varkaus airport, a wonderful small-city facility with a building to walk to across the ramp after going down the plane's airstairs. I love it.

Tuula has shown me to an on-campus apartment which is much bigger in square meters than our Cluj flat, but I'd guess about the same "in the cube." It has two bedrooms and a sauna. Then Tuula was kind enough to take me to a homey Italian restaurant for dinner. We leave at 8:30 tomorrow morning to drive up to Kuopio, where I will deliver my first two lectures for Fulbright-FI, and Savonia's students.

So, before the soothing heat leaves my body, I am off to sleep.

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Jesse S. McDougall said...

What a year you're having!