Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I returned to Cluj facing an awful lot of work to do before the start of the spring semester, including teaching my final four classes of the fall term, grading a stack of Labor Management papers, preparing and grading four final examinations (two in each course, as students must be given a choice of examination dates, and can make up failures from day one on the second date. Far be it from me to allow that second exam to be a repeat of the first!) Then I have to prepare three lectures for delivery during my week in Finland, prepare syllabi for my two spring courses, liaise with the International Cooperation Office regarding the UBB/PSU partnership, and with Professor A. Mutiu, with whom I shall be team-teaching Management Accounting next term, and probably more work that doesn't come to mind just now.

But yesterday I graded the Labor Management papers, and today I returned them, and gave my final lecture in that class. So I have pretty much gotten over the trip back, and have again put on the yoke. One step at a time, all the fields will get plowed.

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SKM said...

Happy to hear that you have recovered from your travels. Just remember to keep Sundays open to kick back, make soups, go discover something new in Cluj, read a book (non-business type) & get together with friends.