Thursday, November 6, 2008

Academic Priority Pays Off

It was an academic week of note. Both classes went quite well. The Englishline students now know a bit more than before about the learning curve, and about statistical process control. Also, we had an in-class discussion of yesterday's posting. Given their reactions to my thoughts, I believe that my students are going to graduate with a can-do attitude. I hope they will maintain that positive mind-set throughout their careers.
Attendance continues to increase, and the students' level of preparation and interest also is increasing. Today I announced that I hoped to have a field research project this term here in Cluj, and asked for four volunteers to help in the data-gathering. By twenty minutes after class, the research team was formed.

Given those two classes, I am glad I passed on the U. S. Embassy's Election Party, though I suspect it was a good time.

Today I began my preparations for my November 19-24 trip to the ACBSP Board of Commissioners' Meeting in Kansas City. I ordered a three-month supply of my diabetic medicines shipped to the ACBSP headquarters, where my friend Doug Viehland has agreed to store them in the 'fridge for me until I get there. Then, I chatted by IM with Shirley McD., and we coordinated our arrival times at MCI, and at the Airport Marriott on the 19th.

It will be a short business trip only, but a most welcome chance to see my wife, and to share with her some good Kansas City steaks.

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