Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home in Cluj, and Giving Thanks

When you live far away from your roots for an extended period, you grow new roots. Returning to the Cluj apartment at 5:00 AM Tuesday after traveling from Kansas City since Sunday morning was a homecoming. I am glad and relieved to be back, even though my four nights at the Marriott-KCI with Shirl were a warm and wonderful interlude in my autumn term.

Tomorrow Charles will be arriving from Sibiu to visit my Labor Management class, then to stay with me in Cluj for Thanksgiving dinner at Fulbrighter Rachel Renz's apartment. (I am cooking pea soup for the event.)

From Romania, I wish all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever they may roam, or remain.

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Rather Dashing said...

I will miss your pea soup. Hardly feels like November without it.