Monday, November 10, 2008

Confessions of an Infrequent Author

Back in October I attended the INFER (International Network for Economic Research) workshop that was held here at our Economics Faculty in Cluj. At that event I gave a short presentation of my working paper, "Operating at the Rate of Consumption," which presents the hypothesis that changes in the inventory policies of American manufacturers during the 1980s and 1990s may have explained in part the lack of a recession in the U.S. during the Clinton Era of the Nineties. My presentation was well received at the workshop, and since then two journals have solicited my working paper for publication. That would be great, save that I thought both solicitations were from INFER, and I sent the finished paper first to the professor/editor that wasn't representing INFER. He immediately accepted the piece for early publication, at which point I realized that I had sent it to someone other than INFER, the organization that had asked for it first, and that had kindly allowed me to present it without going through the usual submission process. (Someone had not shown up for the workshop, and I had taken his place.) So, I immediately attempted to correct the situation by withdrawing the submission from Journal Y, and submitting it to INFER. But INFER is not yet sure it will have sufficient materials for a publication. So, it may all come to naught. My deadline in this matter is only a week away, for on the 18th I leave for Bucharest to fly to Kansas City for an ACBSP meeting of the Board of Commissioners, and if INFER will not be using the article, I must resubmit it to Journal Y prior to 21 November, their deadline. So, now I am pressuring my friends at INFER to make a quick decision.

What a mess. I am embarrassed about all of this. For the past six or seven years, I have been so wrapped up in the ACBSP, in university service and in developing both online and other new courses that I haven't published anything. It appears I have forgotten the publishing protocols. I will be more careful in the future.

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