Sunday, November 16, 2008

Şaisprezece Novembrie, Doua Mii Opt

I shan't burden my noble readers with tortured Romanian. But, I did spend several hours today focused on a great little language book that my landlady Professor Victoria Moldovan gave me on my second day in Cluj. It is Româna cu sau fără Profesor, by Liana Pop. I got through the first 33 pages today. I learned the numbers pretty well, and even wrote Victoria an e-mail in Romanian, asking her to clarify a detail in the writing of numbers. I have packed it accessibly, and hope to spend many hours with it in the next week, as I cross the Atlantic twice.

Tomorrow I straighten out the office, then am off for Bucharest on the midnight train. I expect to meet up with Charles Harris at the Casa Victor, and return all the stuff he forgot at my apartment when he visited. He has business in Bucharest this week, too. Then it is "Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come... "

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