Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with Accountants

Friday, 31 October 2008

The title of this posting will seem an oxymoron to some, but those folks do not know the attendees at our conference in Cluj. My cold kept me from several sessions, but not from the closing dinner Friday night at Aroma, an upscale restaurant on a hill overlooking the lighted city. It was a fabulous meal, and an even more raucous conversation, as we well-lubricated "experts" joked and exaggerated on the world's economic crisis, the U.S. elections, Romanian multiculturalism, and all aspects of life in these times. Our hosts, my colleagues Adriana Tiron Tudor and Alexandra Mutiu patiently put up with our posturings, and Tony Tinker of Baruch College, CUNY, made sure no one's ego got too inflated. It was a great party, which did not break up until nearly midnight.

Speaking of parties, an invitation arrived today from the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest to attend their all-night party to watch the election returns. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be among America's diplomatic corps in a foreign capital as their new boss is elected. I am tempted to go, but with such short notice, I probably won't. I have class on Wednesday, and I have assigned my students a challenging case. It is probably best to stay here in Cluj and help them through it.

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