Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, U.S.A.

Academics won out today. I am staying in Cluj. I wish my colleagues in Bucharest tonight a wonderful time at the U.S. Embassy Election Party at the grand ballroom of the Howard Johnson's Hotel.

The U.S. election has generated a lot of interest in Romania, though I cannot say it is in the top spot in most people's minds. When asked, people seem to favor Senator Obama, though I have also heard Romanians say they think McCain would be the more prudent choice. I have sat the fence for most of the campaign season, stating my belief that we have, for once, a chance to choose between two good men, and that I wanted to wait as long as I could and to learn as much as I could before voting. I did finally send in my absentee ballot two weeks ago, and have received confirmation that it arrived on time at the Town Clerk's office in Campton, New Hampshire. Take good care of it, Hannah! (Hannah Joyce is our town clerk.)

Today was spent at the Faculty preparing for tomorrow's class. Monica Zaharie, TA in Labor Management, and I did some heavy lifting with Excel and the learning curve, a highly quantitative tool of Labor Management. I then enjoyed lunch at the cafeteria with my friend and dean Mihaela, who was most encouraging about helping me to gain the needed access to do a research project in the field of public services. She especially would like it if I were to involve a group of students in the effort, a preference which I share. We may actually get it done!

So, Students, if you read this blog tonight, please come to class tomorrow, even if you decide to get up at 2:00 AM to watch the U.S. election results come in, as I intend to do. We will have a most interesting class and seminar tomorrow, and I may be looking for research partners!

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