Friday, November 7, 2008

Phishing for Golf

Last week, as too many of my readers know already, someone stole my Yahoo Mail address list and e-mailed a phishing message to many of my contacts. To the extent that any problem could be identified as a probable cause, it was that I had used the old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer when using Yahoo from my office. Mozilla Firefox, which I use here at the apartment on my laptop, is far more secure. But, only the pros are allowed to load programs on school-owned computers. Early this week I had asked Vasile and George, our diligent systems engineers at the Econ Faculty, to set Mozilla up for me, but as of this morning, they had not yet gotten a chance.

I was at the Faculty of Economics this morning, searching through the Harvard Business School Publishing web site for an appropriate case to assign to my Operations Management students as their written analysis topic. After finding and printing out "Do Not Post or Copy" samples of four or five candidate cases, I realized that I had that unfinished business with the Systems Engineers down the hall. So, I paused in my case-hunting and went to their office. Vasile was able to come right away, and while in my office he told me that he had spent last summer in the U.S., and had traveled up the East Coast from Miami to Maine. He mentioned that he had learned golf this summer, loved the game, and had bought a set of clubs and a pair of golf shoes, and brought them home to Cluj. So...

Tomorrow we leave at 9:30 to drive to Alba Iulia, about 100 Km to the south. The course there is open, and they say they are far from crowded at this time of year. We are expected at noon. I'll report tomorrow night on the state of the course, on Vasile's and my play, and will report by how much I clean his clock. After all, Vasile is only about 22 years old. He should give me at least 18 strokes. Right, Colonel?

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